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Oral Conscious Sedation


Oral Conscious Sedation in Bedford, NH – Dental Arts of Bedford – Anxiety Free Dental Visit

Oral Conscious Sedation dentistry helps anxious or fearful patients keep and maintain excellent oral health, without having to worry that their dental appointments will trigger worry or anxiety. At Dental Arts of Bedford, Dr. Sameer Dogra is proud to offer sedation dentistry to facilitate successful care for anxious patients.

Oral Conscious Dental Sedation and Laughing Gas

Dental sedation via either the oral conscious method or laughing gas (nitrous oxide) are some of the most common, effective, and safe procedures for alleviating anxiety associated with dental visits. Dr. Sameer Dogra is certified and licensed to offer sedation for patients who are extraordinarily fearful or anxious about dental procedures.

During your appointment for dental sedation at our Bedford, NH dental office, you can expect the following:

Before your Appointment: If Dr. Dogra recommends oral conscious sedation as part of your treatment plan, taking a dose of anti-anxiety medication may be necessary before your scheduled dental appointment. When you arrive at our office, you will already feel calmed and relaxed. Oral conscious sedation patients will need a companion to take them to and from their appointment. Patients seeking nitrous oxide sedation will not necessarily need to take medication at-home, before their visit.

Sedation During your Visit: An additional dose of oral conscious sedative medication may be administered once you arrive in office, depending on your level of anxiety and the duration of your scheduled procedure. When utilizing nitrous oxide, a small mask will be placed over your mouth and nose, which will administer the sedative. Effects take place quickly, promoting feelings of relaxation and comfort.

Post-Treatment Recovery: Nitrous oxide can be reversed after your treatment is complete with the inhalation of pure oxygen. Patients using the oral conscious sedation method can have their companion transport them home, where the effects of the medication will taper off over the course of the following few hours.

Both methods of sedation produce feelings of calm and comfort, so you can visit our office without feeling the anxiety that may have kept you away in the first place. While sedated, you will have little to no memory of your visit. Sights and sounds that may have previously triggered an anxious response will produce the same response.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry with Sedation in Bedford

Severe dental anxiety keeps many patients away from the dental chair for years, and gives small oral health problems the chance to escalate into serious issues which require extensive treatment. Sedation dentistry makes is possible to experience worry-free and relaxing dental care, so you don’t have to avoiding visiting the dentist again. For longer procedures, sedation shortens the perceived length of time spent in our office. Longer visits appear to pass in the blink of an eye and are much more comfortable than you thought possible. During these longer appointments, as much treatment as is needed can be completed in one visit, reducing the number of repeat visits needed to complete your treatment plan.

To learn more about relaxing dental care with dental sedation in Bedford, NH, contact Dr. Dogra at Bedford Dental Arts of Bedford.