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Dental Implants in Bedford


Dental Implants in Bedford, NH – Implant Dentistry – Replace Missing Teeth Today

Dental implants provide a solution to tooth loss that other, traditional restorations — such as fixed bridges and full or partial dentures — cannot match. At Dental Arts of Bedford, we are your source for long-lasting dental implants in Bedford, NH.

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

An implant consists of several components, with the base being a small, screw-like fixture that is embedded in bone, taking place of your natural tooth root. Implants are the only replacement for missing teeth that stimulate jaw bone health by including a prosthetic tooth root.

Because implants are surgically added to your smile, patients can also expect their new teeth to be exceptionally strong, so they can enjoy all of the foods they love with renewed oral function. As implants are made to feel like real teeth, they provide an improvement in comfort over bulky, removable restorations. Implants come with a track record of treatment success, longevity, and comfort, making them the ideal restorations for filling in gaps caused by missing teeth.

Immediate, Emergency Implants

There are many reasons why teeth may need to be extracted and replaced, one of them being accident or injury that damages a tooth past the point of saving. If you’ve broken a tooth and are looking for a high-quality replacement, Dr. Dogra, our Bedford implant dentist, can provide you with an immediate implant in the case of an emergency.

Our immediate implant services include extraction of damaged tooth (or teeth), placement of your new dental implant, and the addition of a life-like dental crown in the same day. You don’t have to go without your natural teeth or deal with inconvenient, removable restorations. The team at Dental Arts of Bedford can provide patients with immediate implant care when needed.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants in Bedford

For some patients, groups of missing teeth or total tooth loss are a reality that has them dealing with bulky removable dentures or other restorations that don’t feel or look natural. However, dental implants are versatile in their ability to replace missing teeth and can even replace all natural teeth in one or both jaw arches. Our treatment choices for full mouth restoration with dental implants include:

Implant Bridges – Traditional dental bridges anchor a multiple unit dental prosthetic to existing teeth with dental crowns. While this is more stable than a removable denture, it requires altering healthy teeth. An implant bridge, however, rests on dental implant posts — not on teeth — and is a healthier and stronger way to replace groups of missing teeth in your smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures – Dental implants take the mess, hassle, and discomfort out of wearing dentures. Instead of applying your dentures each day with paste, Dr. Dogra will add several implant posts to your smile that your denture prosthetic snaps on to. The result is a significant improvement in how comfortable your dentures feel and how they are able to support biting and chewing function. No more loose or slipping dentures. Your teeth will be firmly held in place with surgically placed dental implants.

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You don’t have to live with missing teeth or uncomfortable dental prosthetics. For more information about how dental implants may help you, contact Dental Arts of Bedford for implant dentistry in Bedford, NH.