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Cosmetic Dentistry


Bedford Cosmetic Dentistry – Zoom! Teeth Whitening, Lava Dental Crowns & Veneers

At Dental Arts of Bedford, we help patients achieve the beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted with cosmetic dental services in Bedford, NH. From treatments to whiten teeth to procedures that restore the appearance and function of weak and decayed teeth, our office can provide personalized cosmetic care that works for everyone. If you have been searching for a Bedford cosmetic dentist, contact Sameer Dogra, DMD today.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

Cosmetic dentistry is diverse in its ability to correct aesthetic flaws, and in the case of some procedures, offer a boost in dental function and oral health. Dental Arts of Bedford provides a range of cosmetic options to fit every treatment plan, including:

Zoom! Same-Day Teeth Whitening – White teeth look healthy and attractive, which is what makes bleaching such a popular cosmetic dental service. Dental Arts of Bedford provides a quick and easy way to achieve a bright with Zoom! same-day teeth whitening. With only one visit to our office, and after about an hour, you can achieve a vibrant new smile. Zoom! utilizes professional whitening gel, activated by a chair-side light, that helps to lift surface stains and brighten teeth by several shades.

VeneersVeneers have long been the way to get an overall cosmetic smile makeover without extensive treatment and repeat visits to the dentist. Using thin slices of porcelain that are bonded to the fronts of teeth, Dr. Dogra can help your smile look balanced, brighter, and aesthetically pleasing. Veneers cover a myriad of cosmetic flaws, such as chips, cracks, deep staining, and uneven tooth size. Our veneer treatments also include Lumineers– ultra-thin veneers that require less preparation to add to your smile.

Lava Dental Crowns – These crowns are a special mix of zirconia, glass, and ceramic that offers the best qualities of natural-look and durability. Lava crowns are ideal for cosmetic restoration in the event that you have a severely decayed tooth. By replacing damaged dental enamel with a lava dental crown, you’ll be able to bite and chew with renewed strength, as well as enjoy improved aesthetics.

Crown Lengthening – Smiles that display an uneven balance of soft tissue and tooth enamel appear unattractive, but crown lengthening at our Bedford cosmetic dental office helps your smile look more appealing. During crown lengthening, excess gum tissue is scaled back to reveal more of your natural dental enamel.

Composite Fillings/Mercury-Free Fillings – Traditional silver fillings work well to treat spots of decay, but they leave a dark mark on your teeth. When providing treatment for cavities, our dental office uses tooth-colored and mercury free composite resin. Your treated teeth will look just like your natural, healthy teeth.

Regardless of what dental issue you’re facing, Dental Arts of Bedford offers a cosmetic treatment that will allow your smile to look vibrant and healthy.

Ensuring Lasting, Beautiful Results

Patients who continually rely on our skilled cosmetic dental services to meet their treatment goals can enjoy more accurate warrantees regarding how long their restorations will last. By trusting our office to place and help you maintain your cosmetic restorations, you can enjoy better longevity of care for a lasting, beautiful smile.

For more information about cosmetic dentistry in Bedford, NH contact Dental Arts of Bedford today for your consultation!